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How to Write a Dissertation Plan?

How to Write a Dissertation Plan?


Need a plan. This is the first thing that should come to mind at the moment when it is time to write a diploma. What for? Remember, as in the song - I know the password, I see the landmark. It is precisely the plan that serves as such a guideline. The thesis puts the outcome of the entire education at stake, so you must approach the issue and responsibility.


The plan and content of the thesis


How are these concepts related? Many consider them identical. In a narrow sense, yes. If you approach from a scientific point of view "as expected", the difference is this. Content is an obligatory structural element of the thesis and any other student work. The same second or third sheet, which lists all the chapters, paragraphs and other parts, and opposite the pages.


Plan is a more abstract concept. This is such a short summary of the diploma. Its paragraphs correspond to the structure of the scientific work, the pages are not affixed. Practice shows that without planning it is difficult to write material. You can go into the wilds, but the essence cannot be revealed. Thus, the plan serves as a vector and a guide. It is not as "dry" as the content, more informative and detailed.


The purpose of the plan in the diploma


The main function is to set the rhythm, direction and angle of the work. The plan can be regarded as a tool in the hands of the master, allowing you to do everything you need and not write anything extra.


It is not without reason that leading experts in time management unanimously declare that it is not written down in the plan, so this does not exist. You can't keep all the information in your head. The thesis requires a certain organized research paper writing help approach. And the functions of the plan in this context are very significant: regulatory; orienting; disciplining; auxiliary; structuring; informational.


That is, the plan indicates what to write, in what sequence, what volumes to approximately adhere to. In addition, it shows the gaps in the topic being covered and helps to navigate in the selection of the required literature. The plan must be unique. You should not take risks and just blindly copy the finished version from another work. Bring your vision and ward off accusations of plagiarism.


Varieties of plans for the thesis


To write a thesis, you can use one of the following versions of the plan: standard; thesis; calendar.


From the names, the essence is approximately clear. Each option has its own advantages. If you always have deadlines on fire, you like to leave everything for the last moment, you never have time for anything - calendar plans or schedules will be a real salvation. They prescribe not only what needs to be done, but also specific deadlines. Do not forget to indicate the dates with a margin - no one ruled out force majeure.


Thesis plans are detailed summaries and guidelines. For example, not just the point “Criminal liability of adolescents”, but detailed questions that will be disclosed: at the age of 11 to 14 years old, at 14-16 years old, for participation in criminal groups, when committing a crime for the first time, for acts of special cruelty. That is, the generalized paragraph is divided into several subparagraphs so as not to miss anything.


The standard version is such a simple, uncomplicated plan. Perhaps a little more specific than the content. But in general, it is in this case that the concepts are confused. It is not recommended to use it for theses, because the study is too voluminous. But if a large stream of information fits in your head, you can try.

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